Genuine Parts

Here at Powersource, we specialize in the domestic and international supply of Genuine Parts for Power Generation equipment, Industrial Diesel Engines and various off-highway equipment in addition to complete AC alternators and Industrial Engine Filtration Products.  We believe in our commitment to providing a wide range of Genuine Parts from industry leading OEM suppliers.

Quality of service is extremely important to us and we are confident we can meet our clients’ expectations through our fast response, product knowledge and quality of service via our in house parts ID tools and with direct links to original manufacturers and their distribution networks.

Why we insist on genuine parts:

  • Maximises the productive life of generator sets
  • Promotes longevity of other component parts
  • Improves operation efficiency and fuel consumption
  • Ensures the highest standards of safety and functionality

Using non-genuine parts can increase the risk of generator set damage:

  • Rapid wear 
  • Compromised performance
  • Poor reliability
  • Higher oil and fuel consumption
  • Component damage and failure